RESTing with Symfony

Lukas Kahwe Smith - October 10th, 2014

Introduction to REST

## REST, hurray!
## REST, but why?
## **Everyone** who has ever talked about REST, at some point **has said something idiotic about REST**. Except for maybe Roy Fielding.
## For example, I once thought it meant **converting all GET parameters to virtual directories**. Differentiating GET and POST parameters seemed like overzealous academics.
## I only **began to understand why REST** really makes sense and what REST it is really about **when I started looking into cache headers and reverse proxies**.
## **REST** is all about leveraging HTTP and **constraining your application to a set of rules**, so that **users** of your API **can safely apply assumptions** about the behavior of your application.

Content Negotiation

So much for the REST theory ..

So let us get started ..

.. on RESTing with Symfony2